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Sowing Peas indoors
For an early crop Sean sows peas in the greenhouse. Tweet ##thehortchannel Read more
Sowing Overwintering Broad Beans aka Fava Beans
Broad Beans, aka Fava Beans, can be sown in Spring and Autumn. The advtange of an autumn sowing is an early crop next summer and the reduced possibility of attack from black fly. Sow the seeds October/November either directly in the open ground or in pots of compost and... Read more
Crop Rotation Explained
Growing vegetables in the same location year after year can contribute to the build up of diseases in the soil. To avoid this we follow Crop Rotation. Crops can be divided into three categories: Roots, Brassicas and Others. ROOTS This includes beetroots, carrots, chicory, parsnips and potatoes. BRASSICAS These... Read more