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Sowing Sweetcorn
Sweet Corn is a tender vegetable that needs a good summer to produce at its best. Given a sheltered spot and using early varieties, this delicious vegetable is now quite at home in northern counties. Early Extra Sweet is a super sweet variety with shrunken kernels which means this... Read more
We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it
We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it writes George Monbiot for The Guardian. Soil in allotments contains a third more organic carbon than agricultural soil and 25% more nitrogen. This is one of the reasons why allotment holders produce between four... Read more
How a plant nearly killed me – a personal account
After consuming a meal with the leaves of a plant, thought to be a wild green, but actually turning out to be Mandragora – which grows commonly around Sicily; there would rightly be cause for concern. For those not familiar, it’s a highly poisonous plant and one that should... Read more
YouTube Community: Luke
Set amongst the stunning beauty of Michigan in Midwest America you’ll find twenty-something youtube creator Luke Marion, more popularly known by his channel name of MIGardener. He uploads new videos on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and has done so since 2011 when Luke uploaded the first video to “remove... Read more
YouTube Community: Dave
Based in the North-East of England Dave, known as blustardave, has worked his allotment plot for the past 15 years. During 2009 Dave set-up a youtube channel in order to post videos on his band ‘Blustar’ but shortly after the band split-up the channel sat dormant until 2011. “In... Read more
Championing heritage seeds
Thank you to everyone for their kind words since it was announced I won The Big Allotment Challenge on BBC2. Potatoes, cucumbers, peas and tomatoes, these are just a few of the crops I grew for the show. However, at home on my allotments I’ve grown totally different crops,... Read more
World’s First Blight-Free Tomato Released
UK seed and plant company Sutton Seeds have introduced a world exclusive onto the market in the form of Crimson Crush – claiming it will “shrug off even the worst blight”. This Spring only plants are available with the seeds due for release in Autumn 2015. The plants crop... Read more
Visiting The Victorian Kitchen Garden
Enjoyed a day out in the van with Rickvanman ( in search for the location where the documentary The Victorian Kitchen Garden was filmed. In the afternoon we travelled around the beautiful countryside of England. More images of the day can be found at Rick’s video about Avebury... Read more
Greenhouse Dreams

Greenhouse Dreams

Articles December 10, 2014

Click to Enlarge Image Greenhouse DreamsInfographic by CustomMade Tweet ##thehortchannel Read more
Alan Titchmarsh’s Vegetable Garden
Alan Titchmarsh shows us his vegetable garden. Tweet ##thehortchannel Read more