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End of Summer in New Zealand

Gardening in New Zealand with Sarah O'Neil Apr 19, 2015 0

With one thing and another, the poor garden is beginning to suffer a degree of neglect, and yet things are still growing. Check it out. Cheers Sarah : o ) To see more of my garden check out my... Read more

How to deal with Ants using household products

Advice Apr 19, 2015 0

In this video we look at an effective way to deal with ants using... Read more

S3/EP9: Seeds, seeds and more seeds

Sean's Allotment Garden Apr 17, 2015 0

This week it’s a seedy show. Tweet ##thehortchannel Related Posts:How to be Successful when... Read more

Sowing Sweetcorn

Advice Apr 12, 2015 0

Sweet Corn is a tender vegetable that needs a good summer to produce at... Read more

The three day week

Gardening in New Zealand with Sarah O'Neil Apr 12, 2015 0

Thanks to Easter and the school holidays, I only ended up with three days... Read more
S3/EP9: Seeds, seeds and more seeds
This week it’s a seedy show. Tweet ##thehortchannel Related Posts:How to be Successful when Sowing Seeds using Traditional andWorld’s...
Preparing & Coring the Exhibition Carrot growing containers
Preparing the sand containers for this years Exhibition Long & Stump Carrots. As always a 3″ drainpipe is used...
Handheld Garden Labelling Machine
Brother GL-H105 Handheld Garden Labelling Machine. You can find the printer via our affilite amazon link at Tweet...
Glorious Gardens from Above with Christine Walkden
New 15 part weekday series commencing Monday 10th November at 3:45pm on BBC One.
Meet the Author: Of Cabbages and Kings (The History of Allotments) by Caroline Foley
This colourful and lively history book tells the story of allotments from their origin in the 17th century protests...
How to make Squash / Pumpkin Soup
I’ve had a great crop of squash this year. I made my soup on a Sunday and then freeze...
Rainy day in the shed
Quick update from Sean and Rusty about what he's sowing and the latest from the greenhouse and garden.
The Big Allotment Challenge Q&A
While at The Edible Garden Show 2015 Sean presented a Q&A on the main stage with some contestants from...
Edible Garden Show Schedule
From Friday March 20 until Sunday March 22 the entire Horticultural Channel team will be moving camp to Alexandra...
Seedy Saturday in Northampton
Tweet ##thehortchannel Related Posts:S3/EP9: Seeds, seeds and more seedsGrowing Mushrooms the easy wayFirst full day back on the plotMet...
YouTube Community Launch Virtual Choir
Members of the YouTube community have come together to release their version of the John Denver track ‘The Garden...
Allotment rent rise threat in Rotherham #saveallotments
Allotment tenants in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, say they are ‘held to ransom’ by the town’s council over rent rises....
Teenage vandals apologise
Three teens visited the site with their parents as part of a community resolution offered by police. They admitted...